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Answers To Some Questions You May Have


When you decide to hire an estate sale company,
DO NOT throw anything away! 

We sell everything from small vintage paper items to grand furniture and everything in between!. It is not necessary to "clean up" before the estate sale company arrives, that is part of our services to you. You could be losing thousands of dollars if you should decide to clean and purge items yourself. If you wish to donate anything, please wait until after the sale and we can help you arrange for your donation.

What are some reasons to have an Estate Sale? 

Common reasons for holding an estate sale may include the death of a loved one, divorce, downsizing or relocating a home or business, providing guidance to an Executor or Trustee of a Will, moving, relocation of a family member to a retirement community, nursing, or assisted living facility.

What can I expect to be charged if I hire
A Second Look Estate Sales? 

There is NO charge for our no obligation consultation. We work strictly on commission, which means NO up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you!  Our commission, which is  usually set in the initial consultation, is based on what we estimate the gross sales will be and how much work must be done in order for your sale to be successful. Please note that I do quote lower commissions on specific items-e.g., motorcycles, automobiles, RV’s, and some boats.

Will the Family need to help in any set-up
or cleaning of Estate? 

No, we handle the estate sale for you and make sure everything is set up, staged, and priced for a successful sale. Please let us do the work for you, our Customers are our Priority!

If our Estate Executor lives out of state,
can we still have an Estate Sale?

Yes! We handle everything through email, fax and the post office. If you’re working with a local realtor or with a lawyer, they can be of assistance as well.

There may be some items the Family wants

but can't remove before the sale starts? 

Any items you would like to keep in the house are secured in a certain room or area of the home and marked as “not for sale”.

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